LifeCandy is More Than A Marketing Firm

The LifeCandy Group

Today, LifeCandy is a lifestyle brand that also provides business services such as marketing, strategy, and consulting. We service global clients around the world but also here at home in Kelowna, British Columbia and Regina, Saskatchewan. It wasn’t always this way.

We began as a marketing firm, focused on business to business clients. Our goal was not just to meet their expectations, but to exceed them. Founded by a serial entrepreneur that has been in business for decades, opportunities kept arising through our experiences with our clients. As the opportunities for the LifeCandy brand grew, the decision was made to split the brand into a separate new lifestyle brand while staying true to our legacy business services brand.

We began to support new projects through partnerships with a wide range of entrepreneurs. This began our involvement in venture capital and investment. Seeking strategic partnerships and influencing their success through our funding as well as connections and core services has lead to more opportunities than ever.

Branching out from partnerships with others has lead us into becoming a lifestyle brand not just for our strategy and marketing clients, but also as a consumer brand with products related to fitness, health, and positive happy lifestyle.

Currently, LifeCandy is involved with several multi-million dollar clients, partnerships, and investments. Beyond this, we have funded well over 400 micro-projects related to Entrepreneurs living in poverty around the world.

Marketing & Advertising

Venture Capital

Strategy & Consulting